Now you have the opportunity to train in entrepreneurship and the blue economy, through Incubazul's Blueway training itineraries. Consult the courses, and become a true entrepreneur in the Blue economy that will allow you to join the #BlueTalent.

What are the Blueway training itineraries?

  • One complete training program in entrepreneurship and blue economy with a specialization in a specific area of ​​the same.
  • A innovative methodology that complements face-to-face teaching at the headquarters of the Incubazul High Technology Incubator, con fcomplementary online training and personalized tutorials to follow up on their evolution and needs

training cycle

  • One teaching team made up of experts in blue economy and entrepreneurship and the Method consultants experience, a company in charge of training that has a virtual classroom and gamification strategies that allow a more natural and settled learning, in addition to capturing the attention and motivation of the students

Student consultation

What are the benefits of Blueway?

  • Enhance your knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and blue economy.
  • Participate in an ecosystem that encourages the emergence of ideas, talent and the seeds of what can later be accelerated companies in the high-tech incubator Incubazul.
  • Join the #BlueTalent of the initiative.

Training itineraries available

  • Blueway itinerary of entrepreneurship and sustainable coastal tourism.

Group 1 Itinerary

  • Blueway itinerary for entrepreneurship and aquaculture.

Group 2 Itinerary

Transversal training itineraries:

Specific training itineraries:

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