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Smart Shipping

Optimization of marine routes using real-time information on the state of the ocean and weather forecasts for conditions along the route. The aim is to achieve fuel savings of 3-10% through intelligent use of sea currents, while avoiding risks to the safety of cargo and crew. As an added value, the lower fuel consumption results in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the decarbonisation objectives of the maritime sector set by the International Maritime Organization.


  • blue economy
  • Sector marino
  • Navigation
  • energy saving
  • data science

Startup Team

  • David Gordo Gómez (Business Expert)
  • Alicia Mas Martínez (Business expert)
  • Victor Gallego Alcalá (CTO)
  • Alberto Torres Barrán (Data architect)
  • Daniel Precioso Garcelán (Data scientist)
  • Javier Jiménez de la Jara (Software developer)
  • Francisco Amor Roldán (Software developer)