Cadiz, a history that is tied to the sea

Cadiz, the oldest city in Europe, has been closely tied to the sea ever since it was founded by the Phoenicians three thousand years ago. Its unique society, life and economy have been shaped by a marine environment that has both sustained and limited it, provided opportunities for expansion and been a source of wealth. Today, Cadiz must continue to look to the sea as it provides the opportunity to consolidate a new economic model, more responsible and more sustainable. The same sea that is visible from everywhere in the city must continue to drive its development.



Cadiz is the birthplace of IncubAzul, "[BlueEcoIncuba x Logistical]Tech = ZONA BASE, (hereafter, IncubAzul), a project intended to be a flagship model for the promotion of the Blue Economy throughout Spain. With its principal focus on the seas and oceans, it seeks to cultivate the conditions required to attract and foster talent and ideas.
Located in the city of Cadiz, the IncubAzul High-Tech Incubator, (hereafter, HTI), is a response to the real need to attract entrepreneurs, to create spaces for their activity, and to facilitate the arrival in the city of new and attractive initiatives, drawn to here by the project and by the new knowledge being produced in the area. In other words, IncubAzul’s objective is to promote innovation and technology transfers to micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises operating in Andalusia’s Blue Economy.
Research, biodiversity, sustainability and cross-sectoral innovation rooted in education lie at the centre of this Blue Economy initiative. As the European Commission says in its policy document "Blue Growth opportunities for marine and maritime sustainable growth", the Blue Economy is an area made up of a range of interdependent subsectors that are all intrinsically connected to the sea and rely on common skills and shared infrastructure.
We exist to accompany, nurture and consolidate business ventures that are linked to the sea, natural resources and their sustainability, including - among many other examples - in the following subsectors: marine bioresources and aquatic products, aquaculture, fisheries, the extraction of marine mineral resources, long and short-haul shipping, coastal tourism, recreational ports and sailing, offshore wind energy, blue biotechnology, desalination, and coastal protection.
Our overall objective is to create a habitat where projects are developed that will result in economic and social development.
IncubAzul seeks to generate, develop and enhance ideas that will contribute to the sustainability of a vitally important resource, the sea, inspired by contributions that a circular economy approach and a commitment to the environment offer today’s society.


The IncubAzul Open Future Programme (hereafter, the Programme) is open to all natural or legal persons established in the EU with initiatives and/or projects of a technological and innovative nature and that operate in the Blue Economy sector, a sector that includes subsectors as diverse as marine bioresources and aquatic products, aquaculture, fisheries, the extraction of marine mineral resources, long and short-haul shipping, maritime transport services for passengers or goods, coastal tourism, recreational ports and sailing, offshore wind energy, ocean renewable energies, blue biotechnology, desalination, coastal protection, and monitoring and surveillance.If you have an innovative technological project in the Blue Economy sector and the best team to develop it, we will support you to take it to the next level.

We are looking for teams that are passionate about results-oriented technology!


The IncubAzul Open Future Programme (hereafter, Open Future) is a comprehensive acceleration programme in which you will share physical and virtual spaces with other promising start-ups. We will provide a collaborative work environment and support you to develop your business project, with the collaboration of Telefónica which will lead, develop and drive Open Future for projects selected to participate. The programme boasts a team of highly esteemed mentors and specialist advisors who will help elaborate and implement a tailored work plan for business promotion, sales and communication, media coverage, networking sessions and conferences.DON’T MISS OUT!

We will make four different selection periods (BATCHES) available during next months. Each BATCH will last four months, with the possibility of renewing for another four months if milestones are reached, up to a total of eight months.


Incubation Spaces

Physical or remote accommodation, in individual or shared offices (coworking), meeting and training rooms

Training and mentoring

Complete acceleration program by Telefónica, through tutoring, training and support for internationalization

Programas Networking

The incubator promotes an ambitious programme aimed at establishing contacts between the different stakeholders or interest groups with which they are associated

Access to finance

The acceleration programme will help to identify financing channels to help transform start-ups into viable companies


Access to our own or third-party research spaces and infrastructure


That facilitate the day-to-day of the startup in its acceleration process: reprographics, reception, collection and delivery of mail, among others

4 + 4 months

Incubation extendable up to 5 years in consolidation phase


  • Consult legal bases



We open 4 input windows (BATCH)

Permanent open call to the accelerator from July 2023. Here we detail the deadlines. Pay attention!

BATCH 1.Applications deadline: 18 March BATCH 2.Presentation until: September 2022 BATCH 3.Presentation until: January 2023 BATCH 4.Presentation until: June 2023 Permanent open call:from July 2023
Certificate of presentation of projects
Certificate of pre-selection of projects

Once admitted to our High-Tech Incubator, three phases will be established to contribute to the rapid growth of your idea:

Idea/Planning Development and growth Implementation
Four months Four months Up to a maximum of five years