These are the companies that are already being accelerated in Incubazul. Get to know them!

Organic and vegan cosmetics.
A. The Traveling Healer
In providing health and education through the consumption of seawater. The goal is independence in your health.
Seabites Pet Care
Innovative startup, specialized in the formulation and marketing of food supplements for domestic animals.
United Families Surf Apnea
Water sports teaching system + surviving the sea
Pallet Revolution
Pallet Revolution is a connection platform between agents of the logistics ecosystem
VEAMAR focuses on the comprehensive management of estuaries and salt marshes in the Bay of Cádiz. It uses the Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture (IMTA) system to grow fish, mollusks, crustaceans and algae in a self-sustaining ecosystem.
Oceanhis develops an innovative product, bluebox, that helps water analysis in a simple and “portable” way, using its own, unique and innovative technology and applicable mainly to boats.
Nietecito is based on a conversational chatbot within the WhatsApp application focused on coastal and sustainable tourism, shipping and logistics companies.
MedArtSal seeks the sustainable development of artisanal salt mines in Italy, Spain, Lebanon and Tunisia.
Marisma Biomed
Bio-food-tech company specialized in innovative food products, created from different natural sources of the tidal marshes.
Mara & Price
Our VR Ecotourism project is an innovative way to travel and explore natural environments through virtual reality, providing a visually realistic experience committed to nature conservation.
Macau Films
MACAON Ideas Immersivas & Inclusivas is a start-up created in 2021 to develop projects that combine new immersive technologies (VR, AR, AI) with the social and labor inclusion of people, especially those with some degree of disability.
Komo Local foods
We present a new free sales channel aimed at local producers in the Spanish primary sector, where they have the opportunity to publicize and market their products.
It is a device that tracks water resources for level 3 consumers. It measures, regulates, limits and collects data on the water used by each consumer to collect data and optimize use and avoid waste.
APP tourist experiences
Aunar la oferta de experiencias singulares que ofrecen empresas de la provincia de Cádiz y ofrecerlas de forma conjunta a los clientes potenciales a través de una APP. Expresado en forma de símil, pretendemos ser el "Booking" de las experiencias.
Bnbdays is a self-developed app where beach users connect with service providers such as umbrellas and other equipment.
Abell Pharma
Development of transdermal patches to combat the symptoms of fibromyalgia with natural components extracted from the sea.
Blue Marine Oil
Biotechnology company with differential technological know-how that we apply to the extraction of oils, proteins and substances of interest, from by-products and discards of fishing and aquaculture (fish, mollusks and crustaceans).
Our work is based on obtaining proteins based on algae, fish, vegetables and meat for the formulation of food products whose smell, flavor and image are those of traditional foods.
SupYoga Orion
Estudio de Yoga creado para que te des espacio para ti, para que te nutras y vivas desde tu Ser. Un "SPA" de conexión con tu naturaleza, para que recuerdes quien eres y que todo esto es un juego cósmico.
Universal SEAnergy
Technology-based startup created around a wave energy generation device, or wave energy.
South Wave
Leisure project based on innovative technology for the creation of artificial waves aimed at surfing, sport climbing and skateboarding.
Startup that manufactures innovative solar thermal collectors that concentrate solar radiation and integrates them with heat transfer circuits in client facilities.
Singular Plan
Ecotourism company based on experiences around nature, heritage, gastronomy and culture of the province of Cádiz, particularly the coastal area and the salt flats.
Rocco U
Rocco U provides training on global connectivity, including maritime roaming, to support companies and entities in the marine sector.
Oil Control
Circular economy company that promotes the recycling of industrial discharges into the sea, encapsulates them and makes them biodegradable.
MST Adventures
Platform dedicated to the intermediation of adventure activities, many of them in the water
Mandalablue Yoga
Yoga studio born in front of the sea in Indonesia and now moved to the coast of Cádiz
Production of fishmeal from by-products of fishmongers, markets or fish processing companies
Digitization of hammock areas on beaches, Beach clubs and Hotels and Resorts
Company that develops prototypes of adaptable, ergonomic and recyclable gas storage tanks for diving
Go! Planner
Platform that allows to know the traceability in real time of goods, documentation and information related to transport for route optimization
Design and commercialization of microalgae production systems on an industrial scale and water purification with microalgae
Industrial insect farm to convert them into a source of food and a resource for aquaculture.
Creation of chatbots on the Telegram messaging platform to provide marketing and promotion solutions to companies and organizations, in a sustainable way.
Travel search platform that collects all organized packages from tour operators in a database.
Adhere Gear
Mapping, tracking and monitoring of carbon emissions for the maritime industry
villain project
Design studio that combines aesthetics and sustainability in the creation of textile and decoration products with materials collected from the sea.
feel the bay
Social and sustainable exploitation of a unique natural setting made up of the salt flats and estuaries of the Bay of Cádiz
Marine greenhouse for obtaining organic cultivation through hydroponics
Extraction of sea salt in a traditional way with minimal impact on the natural environment.
Power Sea Water
Production of isotonic drink for all types of athletes from seawater.
Platform that connects fishermen or fish and seafood producers with consumers
Production company that develops audiovisual content specialized in underwater matters
The Talent Sea
Professional accompaniment to treat, manage, activate and enhance the diversity of talent in Blue Economy companies.
Technological surveillance, video marketing and digital transformation startup for the preservation of marine ecosystems
Fuller Innovation
Consultant and digital solutions for blue economy startups.
salt mines of hope
Initiative for the production of sea salt and the creation of a saline spa
EggOn Technology
Pioneer in LegalTech with virtual learning solutions powered by private AI.
Project that seeks to eliminate cigarette butts from the coast and turn them into insulating material
Cultivation of macroalgae for sale and transformation into nutritional supplements and cosmetic products.
Professional Business School, specialized in the maritime, port and logistics sectors.
Environmental, productive and cultural education project around the salt tradition.
Archangel Naval
Applies advanced technological solutions to improve safety in emergency situations at sea
Farming of shrimp destined for commercialization in aquariums.
Pioneering company in the use of drones, virtual reality and other new technologies with a special role in the maritime sector.
eat playing
Collectible card game about nutrition, food and gastronomy related to the Blue Economy
Total Maritime Solutions
It performs different naval digitization solutions for fleets of ships, port authorities and shipyards
Green Bombus
It uses an invasive algae to create bioconstruction material through blocks.
It offers solutions for the integral, efficient and sustainable management of the water cycle in agriculture.
Take advantage of tuna skin to create a new product.
Diving Awareness
Certifying agency for marine biology courses within the framework of recreational diving.
Women of the Sea
Platform that wants to give prominence to women who work in the blue economy.
Premium Catamarans
Development of smart catamarans for autonomous navigation and ocean data collection.
Cegesasub ALBAS
Company in charge of managing underwater warnings with the exploitation of a device to locate whistles.
Reuse Play
Free online platform that promotes sustainability and the circular economy through pieces compatible with Lego.
Senda Tribe
Swimwear made from materials collected and recycled from the sea, promoting local production.
Shipbuilding, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, sustainable materials and circular economy.
Nicola-Algae Project
Take advantage of the invasive algae to extract them, purify them and divert them to the agricultural or cosmetic industry.
Sea 4.0
It develops technological tools promoting a Blue Economy based on data and new technologies.
Container Meta House
Sustainable and efficient alternative for the construction of houses in maritime containers.
First solidarity social network to promote good environmental and social actions through an app.
Gadir Swim
Sale of garments made with recycled fabric from marine waste.
Aquaponics XXI
Environmental complex to promote the aquaponic system.
Local products made in an artisan way with environmental techniques.
Products La Sala S.C.A.
Products La Salá mainly offers Salicornia, the sea asparagus, a halophyte and edible plant that has adapted to living in saline soil, and is irrigated by seawater.
Trash Peak
Trash Peak arises from the moral obligation to care for and maintain the environment in which he is happy, the ocean. The basis of this project is the manufacture of ecological and sustainable surfboards from plastics collected from our coastline through 3D printing.
We promote and market sustainable tourism and leisure activities carried out in natural coastal areas.
Home +
Home + is born from the understanding that the way we are building our homes has a high environmental impact, low customization and a price that is unaffordable for everyone.
Your sustainable destination
What is Sustainable Tudestino? Sustainable Tudestino is a Project that aims to bring Sustainability to tourism companies in Andalusia. Who promotes it? The agency Tudestino S.C., creator of the tourist portal, the Andalusian tourist website, and the consulting company Sostenibilidad a Medida, one of the benchmarks in terms of sustainability in Spain.
Futuralga S.C.A
This project directs its effort towards the eco-design of sustainable packaging through the valorization of a waste such as macroalgae collected from the shores of the beaches (known as arribazones), betting on a totally innovative proposal based on the principles of the Circular Bioeconomy.
It is an application where you can create a nautical community, with your own profile and share your trips and multimedia files, meet nearby people and be able to find all the professionals who are in each area, be able to contact them, request budgets and be able to assess their worked.
Green Navigation
Optimization of marine routes using real-time information on the state of the ocean and weather forecasts for conditions along the route. It is intended to achieve fuel savings of 3-10% through intelligent use of sea currents.