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Home +

Home + is born from the understanding that the way we are building our homes has a high environmental impact, low customization and a price that is unaffordable for everyone.

Home + proposes a new holistic approach, which uses the power of modulation and technology to develop a system that can adapt to people and their context. A new modular construction system in wood, produced in local workshops, quickly packaged and assembled on site, creating a wide variety of homes. This ensures a more sustainable construction method that reduces CO2 emissions, as well as a circular approach to the management and life cycle of our buildings. Trying to transform the negative impact of houses on the planet into a positive, temporary and self-sufficient model that promotes their relationship with nature and optimizes their resources.


  • Construction / Real Estate
  • Design / Visualization
  • Energy / Utilities
  • Manufacturing / Engineering / Industry 4.0.
  • Smart home / Home automation / Digital home
  • Social Networks / Communities
  • Tourism Travel / Hospitality / Accommodation
  • Virtual reality / Augmented reality / Mixed reality

Startup Team

  • Carlos Orihuel - Founding Architect - Sustainability
  • David Úbeda - Founding Architect- 3D Visualization - VR
  • Natalio Hayón - Founding Architect- Materials - Construction