With IncubAzul, the Cadiz Free Trade Zone is championing a change to a more sustainable and cleaner industrial model, consistent with Spain’s commitment to the 2030 Agenda. The idea is to abandon a concept of industry that is “grey” and linked to coal, and turn to a more responsible industry that is “blue” and “green”.

More precisely, the project has been designed to identify the best ideas in marine sustainability, and accompany and develop them until they become a reality. This technological business incubator, IncubAzul, will be located in a unique building located in the industrial area on the edge of the Free Trade Zone, an area that is highly visible to the city. The HTI is made from disused containers and is subsidised using European funds within the framework of the ERDF Operational Programme of Andalusia 2014-2020, through the INCYDE Foundation of the Chambers of Commerce.

The building itself is a symbol of the circular economy: Its original and novel design is an example of sustainability since it is made from recycled sea containers, which usually have a life-span of ten to fifteen years. In other words, this project is sustainable right from its building design.

Its innovative building concept promotes co-working thanks to its versatile distribution of space, involving large shared areas and an open design that integrates the outdoors with terraces on all floors. It makes excellent use of natural light sources and takes advantage of the sun to supply efficient energy in all areas.

This innovative project has been designed by Carquero Arquitectura, demonstrating a commitment to SUSTAINABILITY and SOCIAL COMMITMENT in the city and society in general. The project offers a model to be copied, both in terms of its innovative design using recycled maritime containers and its economic model based on a deep respect for the environment and sustainability criteria, consistent with Spain’s commitment to the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


In addition to IncubAzul, a comprehensive improvement plan is underway in the Cadiz Free Trade Zone, adapting new services with an investment of more than one and a half million euros. This project prioritises a commitment to renewable energy sources, sustainable transport and decarbonisation

The Cadiz Free Trade Zone thus fulfils the objective for which it was founded a century ago: to promote the economic activity of its area of influence and create ideal conditions for companies to grow. Today, it is combining this aim with that of making good use of natural resources and being respectful of the environment.

Edificio Incubazul