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Sea 4.0

It is a communication beacon powered by solar energy, which allows this data to be sent to a cloud in real time, which is received through a web application on a mobile, tablet or PC. Producers, brotherhoods, public administrations, can thus carry out an exhaustive control of the variables.

Sea 4.0 NM was born within NEWMIND as a project that has led to the development of a series of technological tools, both hardware and software, that allow improving the services of the sectors linked to the Blue Economy, based on data and new technologies, generating data to help predict what is going to happen.


  • IoT
  • Sector marino
  • Aquaculture
  • Big Data

Startup Team

  • Diego Vázquez González - Promoters/creators
  • Juan Carlos Moral González - Promoters/creators
  • Anxo Vidal Abal - Promoters/creators