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feel the bay

The “Feel the Bay” project is the initial stage of a broad multifaceted and multifunctional project, made up of different stages. The first involves the creation of a natural environment interpretation center in which the Bahía Natural Park is located. of Cádiz, allowing the approach of the flora, fauna and historical and ethnographic heritage to the citizenship. Also carry out the rehabilitation of the salt house.
In later stages, the promotion of sports activities, the use of clean energy, the enhancement of the salt house and its surroundings, as well as the creation of a restaurant and gastronomic workshop, the exploitation of natural resources and research work on renewable energy.


  • Education
  • Patrimony
  • Turismo
  • Aquaculture

Startup Team

  • Jose Manuel Lopez Eliso
  • Mary Assumption of the Olive Sanchez Dominguez
  • Fernando Diaz Alcazar
  • Maria de los Dolores Goma Quintero