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Products La Sala S.C.A.

We are a company dedicated to the collection and sale of fresh Salicornia, the asparagus of the sea, a marine plant that grows in the marshes and salt flats of the Bay of Cádiz, this plant has excellent properties for people's health. We also produce innovative products based on Salicornia. We are housed in the Central Research Services of Salina La Esperanza, in Puerto Real, where we have 39 hectares of harvesting and an experimental crop where we value the salt and marshland territory, diversifying activities and conserving biodiversity.


  • Agrotechnology / Fishing / Mining
  • eHealth / Fitness / Wellness / Lifestyle
  • sustainability

Startup Team

  • Susana Martínez Liébana, promoter
  • Elias Ruiz Borrego, partner of the company