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Sustainable Tudestino is a project that aims to provide advisory services on sustainability that materialize in obtaining a badge for establishments and the application of tools that help them improve their performance and effectively communicate their commitments and achievements. , it is also proposed to create an affiliation platform around which a community is created that serves to give visibility and transparency to the sustainability seal, as well as spread good practices and organize communication and awareness actions around it.

Sustainable Tudestino is aimed at restaurants, accommodation and activity companies committed to the environment and with the desire to make tourism an activity that respects its surroundings. Also to the different local actors who interact with them in all the processes they carry out. In a first phase we intend to reach the coastal tourism companies that may be more closely related to the blue economy.

Initially, contact with the client is direct and in many cases face-to-face, through a salesperson, although as the platform develops there may be a greater number of clients who are interested in its services directly.

The seal must become a reference standard when talking about sustainability in the sector, it will take as a reference the model of the EU Environmental Footprint, it integrates different aspects, each of which poses a series of requirements. These aspects and requirements are established based on the main reference standards in terms of environmental sustainability, existing or planned legislation, as well as trends and other issues that are relevant and very specific to the tourism sector.

Different types of standards are expected to be differentiated: hotels, destinations, accommodation, leisure activities, etc. The App must automatically develop the entire evaluation process of companies and propose measures and sustainability plans to achieve certain objectives. It will also serve as a platform for the sale of specific consulting services for each establishment, in order to meet the particular needs that a client who wants to deepen these commitments may have.


  • Customer service
  • Location / Proximity
  • Manufacturing / Engineering / Industry 4.0.
  • sustainability
  • Tourism Travel / Hospitality / Accommodation
  • Others

Startup Team

  • Juan José Amate Ruiz - Technical Director
  • Marcus F. Christoffel - Business Management
  • Alfonso Javier Matías Manday - Project Management
  • Rafa Gómez Falcón - Project Management
  • Elba María Suarez Méndez - Marketing and Administration