Charlotte Shoemakers

Mentoring area

  • Personal development
  • change management
  • Storytelling (the story behind), reaching the heart of the brand based on fundamental values

Specialty area

  • change management
  • deep listening
  • disruptive techniques
  • Body language
  • Mindfulness and models of changes
  • positive psychology

Featured Training

  • University Applied Business Psychology (Bsc)
  • Master's Degree in Corporate Communication

Career path

I was born in 1976 in the Netherlands in the middle of the forest. After having experienced the Applied University in Business Psychology, I moved to Amsterdam, where I graduated in Corporate Communication and embarked on a career of more than 15 years in communication and accompaniment of changes in national and international companies (banking / insurance, transport, government, SMEs).

About 11 years ago I made a leap into the world of personal development, accompanying people (including me) in their steps of change or growth. Expand my knowledge with executive coaching training, group facilitation and retreat assembly, body and emotional work.

In addition, I always look for collaborations with SMEs or local initiatives to increase awareness of the positive impacts of self-care on ourselves and around us.

I do this through specific initiatives: a 'concept store' or pop-up for sustainable brands and conscious food, PR/storytelling and definition of values ​​for promising brands in the area where I am, catering for groups with local and organic food, workshops and development retreats or (re)connection with nature. Things that inspire and recharge me.

With me you will (re)encounter the factors (being) natural(eza), experience, disruption, movement and body expression / non-verbal communication. I offer a warm and safe environment in my accompaniment, but I also like to challenge with some game where I see that it can serve to reach the deepest layers.