Faustino Valdes Diaz

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  • Finance, Management

Specialty area

  • Finance, Management

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The management of Professional Associations, their structure and their reorganization has been an important stage in my professional life. The stage where I developed my work with the greatest projection was the start-up of the Nursing Home for the Elderly, later, after returning to the public law corporations, I accepted an important challenge at the School of Hospitality in Cádiz and I currently carry out my work as financial manager at Petaca Chico. During this time I have combined teaching at the UCA with something that seems extremely attractive to me.

Career path

During my studies, a teacher taught me that unfortunately the professions were becoming more and more specialized..., which after a few years the training reality has established as such. I have looked for professional offers in management and projects that, in my opinion, would give me challenges and new knowledge. I have gone through the management of Professional Colleges, Residences for the Elderly, Public Consortiums and now finances in private companies and many other small projects that have seemed very attractive to me. I cannot resist expanding my knowledge and transmitting it to those who wish to learn it.