Ignacio Moldes Riobó

Mentoring area

  • Smart Logistics
  • IoT
  • Mobile Apps
  • Tracking

Specialty area

  • IoT (HW | SW | FW)
  • Smart Logistics
  • Apps

Featured Training

  • Diploma in Education
  • Bachelor of Management
  • Master's Degree in Business Management and Technological Projects

Career path

Business development associated with the Internet since 1991. Starting with web pages and later, portals, e-commerce, industrial management systems in the cloud, live streaming channels for radio, television and football clubs, native and responsive mobile applications, applications for Google Glass, Intel Reccon, mobility application ecosystems and in the last 8 years, IoT solutions. Development of complete solutions, designing and manufacturing hardware and software, modifying firmware, integrating IoT-oriented communications and for three years integrating satellite systems, currently in low orbit constellations of which we are Preferred Partners and manufacturers of their ground connectivity HW .