Jose Antonio Herreros Garcia

Mentoring area

  • Hypothesis validation

Specialty area

  • Education / Training
  • eHealth / Fitness / Wellness / Lifestyle
  • smart mobility
  • Social Networks / Communities
  • Tourism Travel / Hospitality / Accommodation

Featured Training

  • Design Thinking. Lean Startup & Customer Development
  • Creativity and innovation to achieve results
  • Productivity and Time Management
  • Disruptive technologies for innovative startups
  • Digital tools for startup acceleration
  • Agile methodologies to manage my project: Scrum, Kanban, PMI agile or other Lean friends
  • How to be Customer Centric in the Digital Age
  • Pricing strategies and techniques
  • Legal Environment - Commercial environment for startups
  • Finance for non-financial entrepreneurs
  • Offensive hacking countermeasures and corporate cybersecurity
  • Metrics for entrepreneurs and startups
  • Strategic marketing and offline actions
  • Digital marketing strategies: SEO, SEM
  • Techniques for the improvement of CX/UX
  • Social networks, marketing with influencers as a business opportunity
  • Sales Tools and Techniques and Business Management for Startups
  • How to get my startup out in the media
  • Financing and Investment Ecosystems
  • Elevator Pitch

Career path

I have academic skills, a teaching background in sports disciplines, such as in Primary and Secondary Education centers in Andalusia and abroad, which has allowed me to develop great communication skills, with direct application in my life as an entrepreneur.

Since January 2020 I have been the CEO of MissCar, the car sharing app for girls, in which I am in charge of product development, business development, defining short, medium and long-term objectives, defining the strategy for achieving of these objectives, to establish collaboration and financing agreements with public and private entities, to prepare and execute investment rounds, to make organizational decisions, to carry out the personnel selection processes and to coordinate the different departments of MissCar.