Pierre Huby

Mentoring area

  • Business models, Go to market, Marketing

Specialty area

  • Education / Training
  • eHealth / Fitness / Wellness / Lifestyle
  • Smart mobilitynSocial networks / Communities
  • Tourism Travel / Hospitality / Accommodation
  • User experience, in all its breadth

Featured Training

Without a doubt, going through Open Future with Konversatio. I have two passions, the user/customer experience and restaurants. My first venture was a creperie. I published my first web page before Google existed and since then I have not stopped in technology. I have been a project manager in a multinational consultancy, set up a design and development agency for digital products, worked in gastronomic marketing and created a startup of voice and language processing technologies (accelerated in Open Future). We built an omnichannel AI platform that bought us a Call/Contact Center that I am currently working on in automation and BI.

I have learned a lot along the way (and still do). I can help you with various things related to the business model, segmentation, value proposition, channels, pricing, and sales. My role as a mentor is to save you time, asking the right questions and giving you tools (and some tips) to answer them. Without sales there is no paradise, so I will help you get out of the building to validate your hypotheses and focus on adding value to your customers. I don't remember how we did it before Agile and Lean.

Career path

Serial entrepreneur, I have experience in Artificial Intelligence
Customer service
electronic commerce
ERP / Planning Tool / CRM
Natural Language Processing / NLP
Tourism Travel / Hospitality / Accommodation
virtual assistant