Pilo Martín

Mentoring area

  • Elevator Pitch

Specialty area

  • Elevator Pitch

Career path

Consultant in innovation, strategy and communication. He is the ideologue of Think Talk Do, an innovation methodology that develops leadership by training social entrepreneurship skills to improve the environment. This is the protagonist and conductor of his business and training projects.

In the field of business, he has helped, among others, political leaders and managers of multinationals to achieve their goals. He has also directed youth mobilization projects around the resolution of future challenges for brands such as Procter and Gamble or MTV. He is an advisor on Education and Youth Strategy for Ashoka Spain, forming part of the Youth ChangeMakers driving team.

He is also regularly related to entrepreneurship. He accumulates more than a decade as an entrepreneur and as a mentor in accelerators, among which Andalucía Open Future stands out. He is specialized in disruptive and uncertain environments, the metrics of the pitches before investors of the startups that he advises exceed 40 million euros in financing.

Among his personal projects, Jóvenes Promesas stands out, an initiative that transfers these skills to education to help more than 200 pre-university centers in Spain and Mexico to innovate in the classroom, awakening leaders who solve global challenges and linking the school with the professional environment. His connection with training also takes him to the classroom as a teacher of Critical Thinking and Leadership in educational centers in Seville, to presentations and teaching at dozens of universities in Spain, Mexico and Italy, and to publications on conversational learning methodologies. As a speaker, he has come to give more than 100 national and international conferences in all areas and formats, including: “Everything is a Why” at the World Debate Championship in Spanish in 2017, or “Can the debate bring us closer in front of polarizing speeches? at Tedx Puerta Purchena”.

He is also a regular contributor to the media such as Canal Sur.