Vanessa Sánchez del Pino

Mentoring area

  • Sustainability and Environmental Management

Specialty area

  • Environment and Quality

Featured Training

I have a Law Degree from the University of Cádiz, with a master's degree in Total Quality from the Complutense University of Madrid, obtaining audit accreditations in ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and 14001 Environmental Management Systems by SGS, Master in Prevention of Occupational Risks, Expert in Circular Economy by the University of Cádiz, continuous training in environmental matters.

Career path

For about 20 years I have been consulting companies in the implementation of international standards such as ISO 9001 on quality management systems in companies and ISO 14001 on environmental management systems, among others. During all these years I have trained the employees of the companies to which I have taken the consultancy and for about 10 years I have focused on specific environmental training for each of the sectors, related both to the regulations to be complied with: waste, discharges, emissions, etc. as with the awareness and guidance of companies in the face of the scenario that is presented to us.

I have created the Reavive project, with which I collaborate with other companies in the sector such as Ábaco, Orbi Consultores, W Automotive facilitating sustainable development and as companies such as Gadeslimp in Cádiz, Cobre las Cruces and Urbantech-Titania in Seville, Atalaya Riotinto Minera in Huelva, Toyota-Nimauto in Jerez and El Puerto, managing to be on the podium of the annual environmental ranking of Toyota Spain.