4 Incubazul startups selected for being “Bluetech Reference” in Spain

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The Incubazul Futuralga, Senda Tribe, NewMind and Premium Catamarans ventures are at the national head of the Blue Economy in the list of El Referente.

The publication El Referente, the leading newspaper for entrepreneurial projects throughout the country, has made a selection of the 15 “top” Spanish startups in the Bluetech sector. Of these, he has selected a total of 4 emerging companies incubated and accelerated in Incubazul: Futuralga; Newmind; Senda Tribe and Premium Catamarans.

El Referente highlights that Futuralga "is dedicated to the design of sustainable packaging through the recovery of waste such as macroalgae collected from the shores of the beaches (known as arribazones), betting on a totally innovative proposal based on the principles of Circular Bioeconomy" . From the team, formed by Sofía Tristancho and Víctor Pérez, they have affirmed that “from Futuralga S. Coop. And, we are very proud to find ourselves among the 15 best startups in Spain in the bluetech sector, since the impact that this can have is very important to position Andalusia at the forefront of the blue economy”.

As for Newmind, the publication chooses a project from the same team, NM Iot “that wants to contribute from its values: people, origin, transparency and progress. They are committed to democratizing and universalizing the use of IoT technology to develop impact solutions in different sectors, such as Smart Factory, Agro 4.0, Sea 4.0, Smart City…etc They not only provide an IoT solution that solves a need or challenge, but also deal with data management”. Anxo Vidal, from the Newmind team, has indicated that “for us it represents a great projection that would not be possible without our time at Incubazul. The support here has been essential in our change of mindset as well as the trust of our mentor Manuel Escobar”.

Regarding Senda Tribe, El Referente reflects that “it is a sustainable swimwear startup that aims to inspire people to enjoy the present without neglecting the future through fashion, sustainability and innovation. Its essence is based on transparency, positivity, closeness and, above all, the love for fashion and the stories behind each garment. Each swimsuit is made with material collected and recycled from the sea, being key to being considered a startup in the blue economy sector”. Nuria Fábregas, its creator, after expressing her satisfaction at being selected on this Blue Economy list, has stated that "in the sea there are opportunities to consolidate a new, more responsible and sustainable economic model and that it must continue to be the engine of development”.

Finally, de Premium Catamarans points out that it “develops strategic and multifunctional intelligent catamarans for the collection and analysis of ocean data. Their designs feature autonomous, and even unmanned navigation, and are powered by solar/electric and hydrogen energy.” Adrián Moralo, executive director of Premium Catamarans (BlackSand Marine Technologies) has expressed “our most sincere thanks for having been chosen by El Referente as one of the Top Startups in BlueTech, the immense potential of the blue economy will be a key catalyst in achieving sustainable and prosperous development in the coming decades”.

Reference newspaper

El Referente is the first newspaper of entrepreneurs that seeks to promote and disseminate the most innovative initiatives in Spain of technology-based, social, innovative, gastronomic, fashion projects and a long list of other sectors to help. In order to create an entrepreneurial environment with many advantages for our referents.

It covers news from an innovative, different point of view and to bring the importance of these Spanish entrepreneurs closer to the whole of society, who are the future of our society, facilitating and supporting the growth of their companies through different connection levers.

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