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Incubazul is our incubator

We start here a blog that aims to be our way to tell you everything that happens in our incubator The incubator. Here we will be bringing both the news, events, programs and calendars, as well as the path of the incubated, whom we will accompany throughout their itinerary with us. They are part of the blue talent.

We intend it to also be a space where we can offer news and elements related to our two themes par excellence: entrepreneurship and blue economy. These are two issues that have come to shake hands in our incubator to promote the best scenario for the economic and social development of the province. It is, therefore, a blog of the initiative that we want to be our space for news, reflection, connection of points.

Why Incubazul?

Incubazul is a high-tech incubator specialized in the blue economy, a project financed by the union European through the ERDF and its multi-regional operational program 2014-2020, through the Incyde Foundation and promoted and developed by the Cadiz Free Zone. But if we tell you in another way, Incubazul is an important element of economic diversification and differentiation for the province of Cádiz. It is a place to detect and promote talent and ideas in a field as new and promising as the blue economy, to be able to bet on them and accompany them so that the business fabric of this area can be thickened and enlarged.

Incubazul is our incubator, to which ideas or companies wanting to undertake in some line of business of the blue economy arrive. And for four months (extendable up to a year) they receive advice, mentoring and personalized coaching to shape their initiative. For this we have a comprehensive acceleration program with a mentor team specialized in different areas that will be entering their itinerary and contributing their experiences from the experience of those who have undertaken before and can put themselves in their shoes. This is perhaps the greatest potential of our incubator: that we have Telefónica Open Future and its incubation methodology to offer comprehensive support, in any of the areas in which they need advice: legal, technological, communication, blue economy...

A venue to connect ideas

But, in addition, they have a physical space where they can carry out their activity, an incubator where they can network and connect ideas, where they can soak up other people and dynamics; and a technological laboratory that is equipping itself with all the necessary tools to implement its businesses, test the models...

Incubazul is the point where talent, the blue economy, entrepreneurship and the desire to take projects to the next level and contribute to the conservation and improvement of the environment, taking care of what we love most: our seas and oceans, come together.

Join the #TalentoAzul and register your project in our open convocatory. You can also come and meet us at our Open Days and receive free mentoring. Sign up here and you will receive all the information about the program.

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