The Free Zone delegate visits the facilities of the company JLC Lures (Jigging a la Carta) in San Fernando

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Fran González has held a meeting with those responsible for the firm specializing in material and products for fishing

Yesterday morning, the State delegate in the Cádiz Free Zone, Fran González, visited the facilities of the company JLC Lures (Jigging a la Carte) located in San Fernando, a company specialized in fishing material and products. The president of the Cádiz Business Confederation (CEC), Javier Sánchez Rojas, and the entity's vice president, José Andrés Santos, were also on the visit.

The head of the Consortium took advantage of the visit to learn first-hand about the activity and work carried out by this firm at a time when the Free Zone is promoting projects and ideas related to the Blue Economy within the framework of Incubazul, its incubator co-financed by Feder Funds.

Fran González has expressed his satisfaction with the great talent and potential that is seen every day in companies and entrepreneurs from Cádiz, especially in these fields of the green and blue economy that are the future and in which the Cádiz Free Zone is currently moving with its incubator, in the process of attracting projects and ideas so that they grow and consolidate, and with the new industrial model committed to the environment and future generations.