Seven new startups enter the Incubazul acceleration program

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Wattio company ship from the Incubazul acceleration program

The Executive Committee of the Cádiz Free Trade Zone has given approval to the initiatives, all of them innovative and linked to the Blue Economy.

The projects range from nautical tourism to food supplements for animals, including health solutions, food, shipbuilding, cosmetics and the manufacture of surfboards with new materials.

The delegate of the Free Trade Zone, Fran González, has stressed that Incubazul acts as an important pole of national and international attraction for Blue Economy companies.

Incubazul has 80% co-financing from the European FEDER Funds within the 2014-2020 Operational Program, A way of making Europe, through the INCYDE Foundation

The Executive Committee of the Cádiz Free Trade Zone approved in its session last Friday the entry into the acceleration program of the Incubazul incubator of seven new startups, initiatives all of them of an innovative nature and linked to the Blue Economy and that have been chosen by the Incubazul Selection Committee assembled for this purpose.

The initiatives cover very varied topics ranging from nautical tourism to food supplements for domestic animals, to solutions for health, shipbuilding, food, cosmetics or the manufacture of surfboards with new recycled and non-polluting materials.

Searena Foiling Center develops a new nautical tourism service, with a unique sports experience center in the province of Cádiz, dedicated to the new forms of foiling that are revolutionizing the nautical industry, also offering teaching services. Its managers intend for it to be a service that also operates in the low season and that takes advantage of the synergies of local companies and collaborators to alleviate the reduction in activity in winter.

Seabites Pet Care is dedicated to the formulation and marketing of food supplements for domestic animals using marine products, mainly algae, with interesting nutritional properties, in order to improve the health and well-being of pets.

Snailstep is a technology-based startup based on the design of digital solutions for people's health care and quality of life. It consists of an application whose objective is to collect data that allows the steps taken and recorded on the platform to be exchanged for discounts on products and services in nearby businesses, thus promoting at the same time the reactivation of the local economy and the care of the environment. as well as the development of sustainable coastal tourism.

Aquamarina is a project that aims to incorporate the consumption of seawater into people's daily diet through various formats such as kombucha, soft drinks and isotonic waters for athletes. The sale would be made directly or through vending machines.

Beeswell Surf proposes to manufacture surfboards with sustainable techniques, such as 3D printing, and biodegradable and recyclable materials (poly lactic acid, thermoplastic styrene and given epoxy soybean oil), which significantly reduces the environmental impact, minimizes the presence of micro plastics and contributes to combating climate change.

The Wattio is a company whose objective is the development of alternative naval propulsion systems, as well as naval engineering and design. It is an initiative that is specializing in designing customized solutions for a wide range of marine mobility applications.

Esbeltia develops a range of natural, organic and vegan cosmetic products, based on high-quality compounds, with vegetable bases, without pesticides and without GMOs. It basically uses seaweed, currently from the Mediterranean, which it acquires already dried and plans to incorporate seaweed from the coast of Cádiz.

The Incubazul acceleration program, through which 80 startups have already passed, has proven its effectiveness and a third of these initiatives are already generating revenue. All of them have been able to verify that the Incubazul space has been productive to grow, learn and consolidate the idea, working in an area with so much potential as the blue economy and that they contribute to reducing the negative impact on the environment and even generating a positive impact on the environment.

The delegate of the Free Zone of Cádiz, Fran González, has pointed out that “Incubazul already acts as a powerful pole of attraction with a global nature and that welcomes new initiatives with great enthusiasm and with the aim of helping to perfect their idea, their project. business and above all with the clear vocation for them to be located in Cádiz, in Andalusia, so that they can develop their activity here linked to the Blue Economy and with a technological base.”

The new startups have passed a pre-selection in accordance with the rules of the call, and a second screening, with the presentation of their projects before an evaluation committee made up of technicians from Telefónica Open Future and Incubazul.