Zona Franca requests a building license for the Base Zone from the Cádiz City Council

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<strong><in>The Consortium continues with the urban planning process necessary to be able to tender this summer the works that make up this unique action projected with recycled maritime containers </in></strong>

<strong><in>Last week the basic project was already presented, carried out by Carquero Arquitectura, which showed an innovative action that will be a model of the industrial future of the city, prioritizing versatility, sustainability and energy efficiency</in></strong>

<strong><in>The start-up of the Base Zone with its technological incubator based on the Blue Economy –with European FEDER funds– will take place in parallel with the urbanization works on the plot of the former Ibérica Aga</in></strong>

The Cádiz Free Trade Zone continues to take steps in the necessary procedures for the implementation of the Base Zone project and its high-tech incubator based on the Blue Economy, Incubazul, in the outer estate. Thus, the Consortium presented yesterday at the Cadiz City Council the application for a building license for the project, once the basic study carried out by Carquero Arquitectura was presented last week and which foresees a singular space made up of recycled maritime containers that will be a reference for the future industry of the city, from criteria of commitment to sustainability, innovation and energy efficiency.

With the application for the building license, the Consortium complies with the calendar of milestones for the implementation of the project and speeds up the necessary procedures prior to the bidding for the works of this facility -scheduled for this summer- and the subsequent start of the same , dated for the fall.

In parallel, the Free Zone is also going to undertake the urbanization works of the execution unit UE-EX-08-A where the Base Zone (former Ibérica AGA) is located, with the horizon that the incubator of the new Base Zone building It may be working in the last quarter of 2022, after the completion of the urbanization of the plot.

It should be noted that the high-tech incubator is subsidized with European funds within the framework of the Andalusian FEDER Operational Program 2014-2020 "A way to make Europe", through the Incyde Foundation of the Chambers of Commerce.

Along these lines, the implementation of the Base Zone project with its technological incubator is a catalyst and a model for the comprehensive reorganization of the exterior industrial estate, in which the Free Trade Zone works in collaboration with the City Council, with which it is in permanent dialogue to establish the bases of its global planning and of the entire industrial area of ​​the city, objectives included in the collaboration agreement signed by both institutions last October.

<strong>A sustainable and innovative model with recycled containers</strong>

During the presentation of the basic project last week, the details of this project made up of recycled maritime containers -which have a useful life of between 10-15 years- linked to the sea and the blue economy, which stands out for its originality, versatility in the distribution, the generosity in the common areas and its concept of openness to the outside, concepts that reflect the transformation of the industrial zone of Cádiz from criteria of sustainability and respect for the environment.

The Base Zone building will project a change in the city's entrance image and will become an emblem and benchmark due to its aesthetics, attractive and recognizable with elements that will give it a unique character.

The basic project shows that the building has a total useful area of ​​1,648.19 m<sup>2</sup>, to which must be added 1382.71 m<sup>2</sup> of terraces and open spaces and is made up of three upper floors, in addition to the ground floor. The dynamic configuration of the building itself shows the priority given to free spaces, the commitment to sustainability and interconnection, which are part of the social commitment that has been taken into account for the design of the spaces.

In this line, the Cádiz Base Zone action and its Blue Economy incubator were born to attract industry 4.0 and generate a space of opportunity for Cádiz talent. Thus, the Consortium is committed to making it a model to follow as a whole, both in terms of its innovative design and the economic model it also represents, based on respect for the environment and with sustainability criteria, in line with the Agenda 20-30 of the Government of Spain and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).