Incubazul starts the acceleration of 15 new business initiatives

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The delegate of the Free Zone, Fran González, stressed that the second call represents "the consolidation of an initiative that was born with a projection for the future, based on the Blue Economy and its multiple possibilities for entrepreneurship".

Natalia Vázquez, director of Feder Projects of the Incyde Foundation, and Inés Oliveira, Global Head of Telefónica Open Innovation, also participated in the event.

With Incubazul, the Free Trade Zone of Cádiz implements a project that is a reference in the Blue Economy throughout Spain and in which the circumstances are propitiated to attract and promote talent and opportunities.
ideas with the oceans and seas as the main focus.

Incubazul is co-financed by the European FEDER Funds within the 2014-2020 Operational Program, A way of making Europe, through the INCYDE Foundation

The acceleration program of Incubazul, the Blue Economy incubator that develops the Free Zone of Cádiz co-financed 80% by the Feder Funds managed by the INCYDE Foundation, has launched a
new phase of the program with the welcome day held in the Agora of the Incubazul headquarters, located in the Europa building of the tax area. The fifteen new startups that have agreed to the incubation in this second call for recruitment and the eight that were already housed in the Incubator, as well as all the mentors, organizers and technical team, among others, that make up the Incubazul ecosystem.

The 15 initiatives have passed a pre-selection in accordance with the rules of the call, and a second screening, with the presentation of their projects before an evaluation committee made up of experts in
Entrepreneurship and Blue Economy. A total of 27 business ideas were candidates to access this second call.

The State delegate in the Cadiz Free Zone, Fran González, has welcomed the initiatives that become part of Incubazul and has thanked them for their participation in the second call with which "we take another step in the consolidation of a initiative that was born with projection of the future, based on the Blue Economy and its multiple possibilities for entrepreneurship”.

In this sense, Fran González highlighted "the good work being done at Incubazul, which has already become a national benchmark in circular economy". Likewise, the person in charge of the Free Trade Zone has
He added that, in this new phase of the program, "the Incubator laboratory is reinforced, in which, in addition to 3D printing or virtual reality, laboratory and coworking activities are carried out."

The director of Feder Projects of the Incyde Foundation, Natalia Vázquez, and the Global Head of Telefónica Open Innovation, Inés Oliveira, also participated in the opening ceremony of the acceleration program. Natalie
Vázquez pointed out that “this incubator is part of the network of 23 technology transfer centers spread throughout Spain, which INCYDE has set up thanks to FEDER funds. The objective of this network is to accelerate companies and the Spanish productive fabric, through the transfer of the latest advances and R&D&i. Each of the infrastructures, moreover, is focused on a strategic sector, which also promotes the smart specialization of the territories”.

The Executive Committee of the Consortium on September 27 validated the decision of the evaluation team, where the fifteen new innovative projects that have become part of the process of
acceleration in this second period (Bacht). From now on, the new startups will begin the incubation period that will last for 4 months in which, with the added value of tutoring and mentoring - with a team of 16 mentors - they will lay the foundations and work on building their idea. business. The program involves natural or legal persons established in the EU with initiatives and
projects of a technological and innovative nature and from a circular economy approach and commitment to the environment.

The selected projects are: SkinTunaFish, Buceo Conciencia, Mujeres del Mar, Premium Catamarans, Cegesasub ALBAS, Reuse Play, Senda Tribe, Matersia, Nicola Proyecto Algas, Sea 4.0, Containermetahouse,
MyWinningApp, Gadir Swim, Aquaponics XXI and Beating.

All of them represent technology-based concepts and services that can be applied in the multiple subsectors covered by the Blue Economy: from the creation of tuna leather through a vegetable tanning process; the certification of marine biology courses within the framework of recreational diving; the development of smart catamarans for autonomous navigation and ocean data collection; a platform to give greater prominence to women working in the blue economy; going through the management of underwater warnings with the exploitation of a device to locate divers; the manufacture and sale of clothing made from marine waste; the use of invasive algae for the agricultural or cosmetic industry; to the construction of houses in marine containers, among other sectors.

With these fifteen new projects from the Blue Economy technological incubator of the Cádiz Base Zone project, the number of incubated projects now totals 23, since since last spring they have been working on 8 projects assigned to the program's first call, such as Smart Shipping, which promotes the optimization of routes marine, using real-time information on currents to achieve fuel savings of 3-10%; Sustainable Tudestino, an initiative to bring sustainability to tourism companies in Andalusia; o Futuralga, dedicated to the manufacture of sustainable packaging for the fruit and vegetable sector,
through the recovery of a waste such as macroalgae collected from the shores of the beaches.

The team of mentors and advisors that make up the ecosystem of the Cádiz Free Trade Zone incubator, which has the support of Telefónica Open Future, will help the incubated projects with a training plan and
personalized work to boost the business, offering legal support, marketing, branding, presentation of the idea, internationalization, search for financing channels to guarantee the viability of the startup, access to own or third-party research infrastructures or provision of services that facilitate the day-to-day of the startup, along with networking sessions and conferences aimed at establishing contacts between the different interest groups associated with them.

The Incubazul High Technology Incubator is a project that has the support of the European Union that co-finances it, through the INCYDE Foundation, 80% by the ERDF within the Operational Program
Multi-regional 2014-2020 within Axis 3: Improving the Competitiveness of SMEs, Thematic Objective 3 Improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, and the 3rd investment priority Fostering entrepreneurship, in particular, facilitating the economic exploitation of new ideas , and promoting the creation of new companies, also through

The call to become part of Incubazul is permanently open and interested persons can register and obtain all the information through the website

This High Technology Incubator project for the promotion and encouragement of innovation and technology transfer to micro-SMEs in the Blue Economy sector In Andalucia “[BlueEcoIncuba x Logistical]Tech = ZONA BASE – INCUBAZULthrough the INCYDE Foundation, It is financed 80% by the European Regional Development Fund within the Pluriregional Operational Program from Spain FEATHER 2014-2020 AFTER. “A way of making Europe” within axis 3: Improving the Competitiveness of SMEs, Thematic Objective 3 Improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, and investment priority 3ª Fostering entrepreneurship, in particular, facilitating the economic exploitation of new ideas, and promoting the creation of new companies, also through incubators.