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15 new startups join the Incubazul adventure

Fifteen new projects join the Blue Economy technological incubator, Incubazul, through the second call and enter the comprehensive acceleration program, opened by the Cádiz Free Trade Zone, with the support of Telefónica and its Open Future platform.

All the initiatives have passed a pre-selection of projects in accordance with the bases of the call and a selection by an evaluation committee made up of experts in entrepreneurship and the Blue Economy.

From now on, 15 startups will begin the incubation process that will last for 4 months in which, with the added value of tutoring and mentoring - with a team of 16 mentors - they will lay the foundations and work on building their business idea . Individuals or legal entities established in the EU participate in the program with initiatives and projects of a technological and innovative nature and from a Circular Economy approach and commitment to the environment.

The new initiatives are added to the 8 already in the process of incubation and acceleration, so the program already has 23 business projects underway, through the first two calls, which will be increased in the coming months with the last two calls .

Incubazul has 80% co-financing from the European FEDER Funds within the 2014-2020 Operational Program, A way of making Europe, through the INCYDE Foundation.

With Incubazul, the Cadiz Free Trade Zone implements a project that aims to be a benchmark in the Blue Economy throughout Spain and in which circumstances are conducive to attracting and promoting talent and ideas with the oceans and seas as the main focus.

Learn about the 15 new incubated projects


Creation of tuna leather through a vegetable tanning process.

The central idea of ​​the project is to take advantage of and value tuna skin waste with a clear objective of sustainability and environmental care.

2.Scuba Awareness.

Certification agency for marine biology courses within the framework of recreational diving.

They will teach biology and marine conservation courses for divers and lovers of the sea, opening opportunities to know and learn about the sea.

3. Women of the Sea.

Platform that wants to give prominence to women who work in the blue economy.

It gives a voice to all the women who dedicate their lives to the conservation of the sea, the sustainable use of its resources and other activities related to the Blue Economy.

4. Premium Catamarans.

Development of smart catamarans for autonomous navigation and ocean data collection.

Development of advanced, intelligent and multifunctional unmanned multihulls, powered by solar/electric energy and hydrogen, for ocean data collection, research and analysis.

5. Cegesasub ALBAS.

Company in charge of managing underwater warnings with the exploitation of a device to locate whistles

Sale and exploitation of an ALBAS device, locator assistant for divers, freedivers and surfers.

6. Reuse Play.

Free online platform that promotes sustainability and the circular economy through pieces compatible with Lego.

Learn and teach sustainability and care for the environment in an attractive, playful and innovative way.

7. Senda Tribe.

Swimwear made from materials collected and recycled in the sea, promoting local production

With its entire production chain in Andalusia, it is a scalable and replicable model in other geographical areas with local products.

8. Matersia.

Project born at the UCA and the US to commercialize materials and launch lines of research.

The company has two lines of business, one for the marketing of materials, and the other for research projects.

9. Nicola- Algae Project.

Take advantage of invasive algae to extract, purify and divert them to the agricultural or cosmetic industry

Nicola proposes extraction with traditional methods and purification, with the collaboration of an analytical laboratory company.

10. Sea 4.0.

It develops technological tools promoting a Blue Economy based on data and new technologies.

Sea 4.0 NM was born within NEWMIND to carry out both hardware and software and improve the performance of sectors linked to the Blue Economy.

11. ContainerMetaHouse.

Sustainable and efficient alternative for the construction of houses in maritime containers.

It arises from the need to move from traditional forms to new construction models that are faster, more efficient and do not impact the environment as much.

12. MyWinningApp.

First solidarity social network to promote good environmental and social actions through an app

The reward is money to donate to the cause of the user's choice for free.

13. Gadir Swim.

Sale of garments made with recycled fabric from marine waste.

With an ecological label that guarantees the quality of the product.

14. Aquaponics XXI.

Environmental complex to promote the aquaponic system

In its different areas of action: teaching, production, research, restoration, etc.

15. Beating.

Local products made in an artisan way with environmental techniques.

It is based on bringing unique Gourmet Canned Fish and Seafood, with the highest quality.

You have more information about all Incubazul startups here.

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This High Technology Incubator Project for the promotion of innovation and technology transfer to microSMEs in the blue economy sector in Andalusia “[BlueEcoIncuba x Logistical]Tech = ZONA BASE – INCUBAZUL 2.0” is 80% financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the Pluriregional Operational Program of Spain FEDER 2014-2020 OP. “A way of making Europe” within axis 3: Improving the Competitiveness of SMEs, Thematic Objective 3 Improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, and investment priority 3 Promotion of entrepreneurship, in particular, facilitating the economic exploitation of new ideas, and promoting the creation of new companies, also through incubators.”