Zona Franca stands out with the results of Incubazul at the II Meeting of High Technology Incubators

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Free Zone Delegate speaking in MurciaThis new edition was held in Murcia and takes over from the first forum that was held in Cádiz to promote networking among incubators financed with European funds through Incyde.

The delegate of the Free Trade Zone of Cádiz, Fran González, has highlighted the rotation of companies, with 80 startups that have passed through it, and the excellent degree of execution of the European Funds

Incubazul was the second of the 19 incubators to make its presentation at a meeting in which centers from all over Spain participated and which took place on Thursday and Friday.

The Free Trade Zone of Cádiz has stood out with its Blue Economy incubator, Incubazul, and the excellent results at the II Meeting of High Technology Incubators of the Incyde Foundation, which brought together in Murcia yesterday and today the 19 centers that are part of the cameral foundation network.

The delegate of the Cádiz Consortium, Fran González, has been in charge of presenting the lines of work of Incubazul, through whose acceleration program 80 startups have already passed, a third of which are already billing, and he explained that the Economy incubator Azul Cádiz offers incubation and research spaces, which are complemented by a complete training plan, mentoring, networking, sectoral tables and advice for internationalization and financing, as well as constant institutional support and for the dissemination and communication of the initiatives. Furthermore, it is a complete success in terms of the management of European funds given that by the end of the framework in December 2023, 100% of the committed budget had been certified.

This meeting of incubators, whose first edition was held in Cádiz two years ago, has made it possible to bring together the 19 centers of the Incyde Foundation network in the Murcian capital, giving visibility to entrepreneurship and the work carried out by the incubators. And it is also an important forum for sharing activities for networking and identifying good practices.

The meeting was inaugurated yesterday by the president of the Incyde Foundation, José Luis Bonet; the deputy director general of Programming and Evaluation of European Funds, Cristina Rehberger; the president of UCAM, María Dolores García; and the president of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras.

Fran González's intervention in the round of presentations took place in second place, after the opening starring the host, the UCAM HiTech High Technology Incubator, an incubator project of the San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia, dedicated to initiatives linked to health, sports and food, which is dedicated to promoting the transfer of knowledge to the productive fabric and the university-business relationship through research and entrepreneurship.

During the presentation, the head of the Cádiz Consortium highlighted that 19 of the projects that have passed through Incubazul have a high future projection due to their innovation, technology or business areas, 12 are in the process of investibility and have participated in investment rounds. financing with financial entities and traditional banking investment funds and venture capital and 17 projects are in the consolidation phase. It so happens that this initiative has already collected awards for its innovative nature, such as the Proa Prize awarded by the Maritime Cluster of Andalusia and is a finalist for the Europa Se Sent Awards 2024. In addition, the incubator of the Free Trade Zone of Cádiz has a prominent position in the 2024 Ranking of business incubators and incubators prepared by the Savings Banks Foundation (Funcas), where it is positioned as the first incubator in the ranking in Andalusia.

Each of the incubators has presented the activity they carry out, not only in their territory or geographical area but also internationally (the number of international companies incubated in the network amounts to 25%) and also in their scope of action, since that belong to very diverse sectors.

In addition, to the formal presentation of the Cádiz Free Trade Zone incubator, Incubazul has participated in its corresponding working group, shared with Gijón Impulsa, of the Gijón City Council; 3D Thinkin Mataró and Matrix.

The delegate of the Free Trade Zone has highly valued attendance at this type of event and has insisted that “the shared ideas and the synergies developed between them have been of great value for the centers themselves and their startups since this way of putting The common experience and work developed encourages us to continue striving in this work and provides us with new ideas as added value.”

Fran González highlighted that “our incubator Incubazul is being recognized in different important forums. In fact, we have won the Proa 2023 Award for Entrepreneurial Initiative from the Andalusian Maritime Cluster and we are currently finalists for the Europa Se Siente 2024 Awards from the General Directorate of European Funds.”

The high-tech incubators of the Incyde Foundation, co-financed with Feder Funds, are spread throughout the Spanish territory (Extremadura, Canary Islands, Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Murcia, Galicia, Asturias, Aragon, Catalonia, Castilla y León and Valencia) and are focused on the transfer of technology from strategic sectors worldwide such as astrophysics, biotechnology, aquaculture, cybersecurity, water, sports, health and agri-food, among others.

The participants in the meeting have been able to exchange experiences and learn about global data on the incubator network that currently houses more than 700 entrepreneurs and micro-SMEs and is expected to reach 2,500 in the coming years, generating 45,000 direct jobs.