Zona Franca adheres to the network of nurseries of the INCYDE Foundation of the Chambers of Commerce

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The Consortium and the chamber institution reinforce their collaboration in favor of the economic development of the province

The project of this network of incubators is called "The Business Incubation of Excellence" and its objective is to improve the competitiveness of the companies located in the 143 existing incubators, through which more than 4,270 SMEs have been incubated.

Zona Franca and the INCYDE Foundation have developed two nurseries in the province, in Ubrique and Los Barrios, both with a very good response from SMEs and with 100% commercialization.

The Consortium of the Free Trade Zone of Cádiz has joined the Network of incubators of the Cameral Institute Foundation for the Creation and Development of the Company (INCYDE), to which it contributes the two incubators it has in the province, in the municipalities of Ubrique and Los Barrios.

The State delegate Victoria Rodríguez signed the adhesion document this morning at the Zona Franca headquarters together with the general director of the INCYDE Foundation, Javier Collado and the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Cádiz, Ángel Juan Pascual, and the General Secretary, Miguel Urraca.

"Business Incubation of Excellence", as this Network of incubators is called, has the objective of creating an optimal environment that offers added value to companies located in this type of facility, which the INCYDE Foundation has been developing since 2002 through of the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The network currently has 143 infrastructures, through which more than 4,270 SMEs have been incubated.

Inclusion in the nursery network reinforces collaboration between the Free Zone and the INCYDE Foundation. Thus, one more step is taken to promote the economy and from the network additional and complementary activities are proposed that will increase the competitiveness and development of micro-SMEs in each area, which will allow the strengthening and revitalization of the incubators of Free Zone in Ubrique and Los Barrios. In addition, the maximum use that the European Union has made in our province is verified, since the two nurseries developed by Zona Franca were financed by European funds, through the FEDER Operational Program for Intelligent Growth of Andalusia 2007-2013.

Among the activities included in the INCYDE nursery network are the possibility of becoming a user of the largest business web platform and networking activity linked to nurseries; face-to-face training; invitation to the most important events and forums on entrepreneurship and innovation in Spain; advantageous and exclusive financing conditions for incubated companies; and access to international business incubation networks and business angels, among others.