The Free Zone Executive Committee approves the tender for the Base Zone blue economy incubator

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The work on the plot of the former Ibérica Aga in the outer estate of the Zona Franca has a budget of 2,035,555 euros (VAT not included) and an execution period of 14 months. from the achievement of the building license

The project has been drafted by Carquero Arquitectura and will lead to a building made up of recycled shipping containers

The space, versatile and with a novel image, will articulate the connection between the outer estate of the Zona Franca and the rest of the city and will be in line with the new industrial model of the Zona Franca, based on sustainability and respect for the environment. environment

The Cádiz Free Trade Zone will publish in the coming days the tender for the construction of the building that will house the Base Zone blue economy incubator, the space for innovation and technological expansion that will be built on the plot of the former Ibérica Aga in the outer polygon of the Free Zone subsidized with Feder Funds, after the Executive Committee of the Consortium in its meeting this morning has approved the project and the contracting file for the works.

The construction work of the building in which Incubazul will be installed, subsidized with European funds within the Framework of the Andalusian FEDER Operational Program 2014-2020, "A way to make Europe" through the Incyde Foundation of the Chambers of Commerce, will be They will be carried out in the UE-ZF-08-A of the exterior polygon and will have an execution budget of 2,034,555 euros and an execution period of 14 months from the achievement of the building permit.

The Base Zone project has been drafted by the Cadiz architect Carlos Peinado, from the Carquero Arquitectura studio, who has described it as a reference center, a model to follow in sustainable industry and a new way of doing and living in the workplace, that from the heart of the industrial zone of Cádiz will be projected to the rest of the city.

It must be remembered that in the month of October Zona Franca obtained initial approval for the subdivision project by the Cádiz City Council, a fundamental document because it allows the project to continue advancing while the final documents arrive, in addition to initiating the commercialization of the plots that are included in these lands of the outer polygon of the Free Trade Zone and that are located next to what will be the Base Zone.

The building that will house Incubazul will be a benchmark in the new sustainable industrial model committed to the environment that the Cádiz Free Trade Zone is carrying out, since the concept of sustainability begins with the construction itself, which will be made with recycled maritime containers. whose useful life is around 10/15 years, and continues with the opening of the facilities to green spaces and free areas or the use of energy from the photovoltaic roof.

The building has a total constructed area of ​​1,951.33 m2 and 1,415.73 of terraces and open spaces and is made up of three upper floors, in addition to the ground floor. All floors will have terraces and free spaces and the ground floor includes coworking, training rooms, a cafeteria and bicycle parking, as well as surface parking on the same plot. Seven offices are planned on the first floor and thirteen on the second. The third floor is proposed with spaces for management, meeting rooms, facilities and a technological laboratory.

The implementation of the Base Zone project and its Blue Economy incubator represent a starting point for the global planning and development of the exterior estate and has required, from the outset, a complex urban planning process that the Free Zone is promoting in collaboration with the City Council, with which is in constant dialogue and with which a collaboration agreement was signed a year ago, which included the streamlining of the necessary steps and procedures with the aim that these actions can serve as a catalyst and model for comprehensive reorganization of the outer polygon.

The Cádiz Base Zone project and its Blue Economy incubator were born to attract industry 4.0. and generate a space of opportunity for talent from Cadiz. Thus, the Consortium is committed to a model of sustainable economy and respect for the environment that connects all the marine potential of our province with new business strategies that generate wealth and employment.