Zona Franca and INCYDE close their Entrepreneurship Programs in Blue Economy and Biotechnology

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The State delegate in the Consortium, Fran González, and the general director of the Cameral Foundation, Javier Collado, preside over the award ceremony for the 39 participants from the province of Cádiz who have received specialized training during the last two months

Both entities have collaborated in the implementation of two free programs -one focused on the maritime sector and the other on biotechnology-, within the Plan for the recovery of employment and creation of companies, which is co-financed by the European Social Fund

The objective of this complete training program is to promote self-employment and provide the Cadiz business fabric with highly qualified training to develop it in initiatives already launched, such as the technological incubator of the Zona Franca, Incubazul.

During the closing ceremony, two participants presented their projects developed during the training weeks and which are beginning their journey to consolidate themselves as companies

Fran González has highlighted the level of the participants, "which are seeds that will germinate in the productive fabric of the province in sectors such as sustainability and innovation that are already fundamental for the economic growth of this country"

The Cádiz Free Trade Zone and the INCYDE Foundation of the Spanish Chambers of Commerce have today closed the entrepreneurship programs of the "Plan for the recovery of employment and creation of companies" in the Assembly Hall of the Heracles building, which they launched last October jointly and that have brought together 39 participants from the entire province of Cádiz.

This brings to an end more than seven weeks in which all the participants have received comprehensive training divided into two programmes, one around the maritime sector and the Blue Economy; and the second, focused on the Biotechnology sector. Both training actions have been virtual and have been carried out with the aim of promoting self-employment in both fields and providing Cadiz entrepreneurs with tools and knowledge both to create companies with high innovative potential and to acquire knowledge in both subjects and be able to develop them in projects already initiated in the province in both fields, such as the Technological incubator around the Blue Economy "Incubazul", within the Cádiz Base Zone project.

The State delegate in the Cadiz Free Trade Zone, Fran González; the general director of INCYDE, Javier Collado; and the president of the Cadiz Chamber of Commerce, Ángel Juan Pascual, have presided over the closing ceremony of both entrepreneurship programs, which has had a large representation of the participants who have also been awarded a diploma .

In the act, two participants, one from each training action, have presented two projects that have been taking shape in this time. On behalf of the maritime course, Marien Huertas has intervened, with her project We log sea, a social network for people who love the sea that will be useful both to sports nautical fans and to professionals who provide their services to sailors and which has been taking shape within the framework of the maritime sector course; and on behalf of the biotechnological program, Miguel Carrasco, a 4th year Biology student with his project Ecomar Biotech, production and marketing of microalgae for the aquaculture sector. Spirulina: “the super food of the future”.

It should be noted that both programs, both the Blue Economy and the Biotechnological one, delve into two sectors that have an increasing presence in the current business scene and with prospects of maintaining a positive and progressive evolution in the medium and long term. In fact, both sectors are also very present and interrelated, since the transversal nature of biotechnology and its commitment to innovation mean that it is increasingly applied to more areas of business activity in our country.

In this sense, the State delegate in the Free Trade Zone, Fran González, who closed the event, thanked the INCYDE Foundation for its collaboration, giving special thanks to its general director for supporting the program and the participants' work. González has highlighted that “the choice of topics for both courses has been very careful because it is essential to train and provide the best tools to the business fabric that is starting its journey; and innovation and the Blue Economy are two key areas in the economic recovery plan for this province and this country and directly affect areas that affect and matter to all of us”.

The delegate of the Cádiz Free Trade Zone praised the effort of the participants and the level of ideas and projects that have begun to germinate and encouraged them to continue betting on the path started in this training program because they are on the right path , in the one already initiated by the Cádiz Free Trade Zone, since "both the biotechnological field and that of the Blue Economy are directly linked to the new industrial model that the Consortium is implementing, more sustainable and that cares for the environment and that is committed to innovation and digitization, in line with the 2030 Agenda of the Government of Spain and its recovery, transformation and resilience plan”.

Lastly, Fran González wanted to underline the close collaboration that the Tax Institution maintains with the Incyde Foundation, which has its greatest exponent in the development of the Technological incubator around the Blue Economy "Incubazul", within the Cádiz Base Zone project, which It is being launched subsidized with European funds within the framework of the Andalusian FEDER Operational Program 2014-2020, "A way to make Europe" through INCYDE. “For the Free Zone it is very important to go hand in hand with INCYDE in the development of our “Incubazul” incubator and to be part of its national network of High Technology incubators since it is a differentiating element and a guarantee to advance in the transfer of R+D+i to companies”.

For his part, Javier Collado, general director of Incyde “has valued the methodology of training and individualized advice, focused on the entrepreneurial initiative of each project.

In this way, it is possible to accelerate the start-up of business projects with a high technological content, necessary for these initiatives to be competitive and to reach new markets.

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of the INCYDE Foundation (training, support, incubation and network of contacts) enables the connection of all projects, causing important synergies that can materialize in strategic alliances that allow exponential growth.

A clear example of this is the work that is being carried out with the Cadiz Free Trade Zone with training programs and the start-up of the High Technology Incubator”

Likewise, Ángel Juan Pascual has expressed that "we are very proud to help the INCYDE Foundation and the Free Zone in this initiative that not only contributes to creating employment and consolidating innovative projects, but also represents a catalyst for the business fabric of the province. We are sure that this brave, valuable and advanced commitment to such cutting-edge training is the key tool for moving towards quality employment with great future prospects”.

For his part, the deputy director of the Base Zone project, Jose David Sánchez de Medina, who has also been part of the teaching team of the two programs, wanted to highlight at the beginning of the act that "after the Free Zone closed a few weeks with Telefónica all the advice and mentoring of Incubazul, the Consortium will soon open a new call to host new initiatives and the level of the 39 participants in these two programs makes us very optimistic that many of them can be incorporated into the ecosystem of our incubator".

Operational Program for Employment, Training and Education (POEFE)

The two training cycles that have been closed today in the Cadiz Free Trade Zone have been integrated into the Employment, Training and Education Operational Program (POEFE) and have been co-financed by INCYDE, through the European Social Fund, and the Cadiz Consortium itself .

Both programs have given priority to people who are currently unemployed, who have been given training with a very similar structure, made up of several modules that have covered all the necessary topics for entrepreneurs to learn to identify when an idea It can be a business idea, supported by a Business Plan to define the roadmap that must be followed in the implementation of their project and thus achieve the proper development and growth of a company.

In this way, they have dealt with project management, marketing, commercialization and promotion, computer applications and finance, among other topics. In addition to the joint training sessions, they have had accompaniment actions and individualized consulting and mentoring and follow-up.

The good reception of the programs has put the finishing touch to this new collaboration between the Free Trade Zone and the INCYDE Foundation, which continues to provide more permeable tools to the productive fabric, with the aim of guiding entrepreneurs in their work, both creating and consolidate a company in the thriving marine and biotechnological sectors, such as identifying business opportunities in both sectors and having the knowledge to develop them through a company or business plan, oriented towards a 4.0 concept and digital transformation.