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Blueway goes online in its new edition with four training itineraries

Access to the training program in entrepreneurship and the Blue Economy of Incubazul is closer to the student body. In this edition, in which four training itineraries are offered, it will be taught in an online and free format. How to start successfully; the Blue Economy; Aquaculture and coastal and sustainable tourism are the four proposals of the training offer of the Free Trade Zone Incubator of Cádiz.

Blueway allows students enhance their knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and blue economy; participate in an ecosystem in which ideas, talent and seeds of what can later be accelerated companies are promoted in the high-tech incubator Incubazul and, finally, join the Blue Talent of the initiative.

In this sense, it is noteworthy that four of the startups incorporated in the third call for Incubazul- entresalinas, salt mines of hope, Fuller Innovation and Salary Products– They have started as student initiatives of the first edition of Blueway, held in autumn 2022.

Four training itineraries

The different training itineraries consist of two common actions - How to undertake successfully and the Blue Economy - and two specific ones. The first consists of 129 hours in teletraining and 53 in the virtual classroom and the second of 55 in teletraining and 63 in the virtual classroom.

Regarding the specific ones, the training in Aquaculture will have a total of 142 hours in teletraining and 58 in the virtual classroom and that of Sustainable Coastal Tourism will have 132 in teletraining and 68 in the virtual classroom.

Teletraining facilitates flexible class attendance without pre-established schedules. On the other hand, a virtual classroom is considered to be the learning environment where the teacher-trainer and students interact concurrently and in real time.

Entrepreneurship and Blue Economy

How to undertake successfully will deal with the following topics: legal matters; team and human resource management; finance matter technology management; operations; validation of the business model; communication; marketing; sales; business model; and corporate governance.

Regarding the second, the concept of the blue economy will be addressed, its fundamental principles and the economic sectors included: fishing, aquaculture, industry, renewable energy sources, ports and their services, R&D biotechnology, marine and coastal tourism. Likewise, the trends of the blue economy, financing programs for the blue economy, climate change, entrepreneurship around the blue economy, startups or development of innovative products will be deepened.

Blueway is fully in the line established by the European Commission on the "blue growth plan" to promote economic activity related to the oceans and seas.

The plan pays special attention to five sectors of the blue economy that have significant potential for job creation and innovation: coastal tourism, aquaculture, blue energy, blue biotechnology and deep sea mining.

With Incubazul you will have the opportunity to deepen your training in the Blue Economy and its sectors.

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