Blueway of Incubazul, training itineraries to undertake

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You can think of IncubAzul and stay only in its fundamental facet: the acceleration of companies. But it is that our commitment to entrepreneurship, and to the blue economy, transcends the incubator itself and is committed to a change in the real model that involves the whole of society. The idea is easy: let's promote an entrepreneurial culture to generate the resources to develop talent and diversify and, thereby, boost the economy in Cádiz.

With this premise, we want to reach all people with an entrepreneurial spirit by making a complete training plan available to them that can help them lay the foundations for their idea. So it would be a kind of campus pre Incubazul where anyone can receive basic information about blue economy, on how to undertake successfully or on some specialization within the blue economy: aquaculture, sustainable tourism, renewable energies. And so you can shape your idea until it can be incubated in Incubazul

Each of the six sessions that we will have in this and next year has 500 teaching hours, with which more than 3,000 hours will be offered in mixed training cycles: face-to-face and online, accompanied by personalized tutorials. The first of the sessions begins in June, the second in October, and the others will arrive in 2023, so that people with a desire to learn and undertake and commit to the environment can be incorporated.

These are the Blueway Incubazul training itineraries that start next June 1:

Blueway itinerary of entrepreneurship and sustainable coastal tourism

Hours and programs of the first edition of the incubazul training

Blueway itinerary for entrepreneurship and aquaculture.

Second edition of the Incubazul course

If you are interested in being part of this proposal, enhancing your knowledge in entrepreneurship and the blue economy, here you can register and we will be delighted that you are part of the #BlueTalento of Incubazul.

This High Technology Incubator project for the promotion and encouragement of innovation and technology transfer to micro-SMEs in the Blue Economy sector In Andalucia “[BlueEcoIncuba x Logistical]Tech = ZONA BASE – INCUBAZULthrough the INCYDE Foundation, It is financed 80% by the European Regional Development Fund within the Pluriregional Operational Program from Spain FEATHER 2014-2020 AFTER. “A way of making Europe” within axis 3: Improving the Competitiveness of SMEs, Thematic Objective 3 Improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, and investment priority 3ª Fostering entrepreneurship, in particular, facilitating the economic exploitation of new ideas, and promoting the creation of new companies, also through incubators.