The educational path to the future is also blue

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Blueway free itineraries start

Incubazul starts in September 2022 one of the main pillars of the project: Blueway. Is about and complete training program in entrepreneurship and blue economy with a specialization in a specific area of ​​the same. A innovative methodology that complements face-to-face teaching at the headquarters of the Incubazul High Technology Incubator, con complementary online training and personalized tutorials to follow up on their evolution and needs. A free training that can be combined with other activities when taught online.

The entrepreneur will thus learn, in the context of Incubazul, the latest and most modern insights into the blue economy and economic sectors related to marine and coastal economic activities. will be able choose a business idea and start it in the field of the blue economy, since each entrepreneur will choose the topic that most interests him and develop his own business project during the course. The teaching staff will accompany you at every step of the development of your project.


«Think globally, act locally»

Blueway es compatible with other activities such as studies or work, since the people enrolled will be able to train through the online educational platform. In the words of one of the Blueway teachers, María Yamcovaya, "this training itinerary will be very useful for those who are looking for a new job opportunity, want to start their own company or simply want to gain new important and current knowledge. In addition, the course will totally freeTherefore, I believe that it is a great opportunity for new entrepreneurs and citizens in general to obtain new essential and practical knowledge”.

Usually, Blueway can be characterized by Patrick Geddes' well-known phrase "Think globally, act locally" («Think globally, act locally»).


Join the #BlueTalent!

Blueway's training itineraries will be very complete. In the first place, the concept of the blue economy, its fundamental principles and the economic sectors included will be addressed: fishing, aquaculture, industry, renewable energy sources, ports and their services, R&D biotechnology, marine and coastal tourism. Likewise, economic trends, financing programs for the blue economy, entrepreneurship around the blue economy, startups or the development of innovative products will be delved into.

Thus, students will receive the latest and updated knowledge in the field of the blue economy, how it works, what sectors it includes, what job and business opportunities it contains, among other important and interesting information.

The training sessions consist of 500 teaching hours. There are 6 planned, so more than 3,000 hours will be offered, distributed in cycles of mixed, face-to-face and online training, accompanied by personalized tutorials. This is how the first sessions start, and the others will arrive in 2023, so that people with a desire to learn and undertake and commit to the environment can be incorporated.

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10 years of the Blue Growth Plan

Blueway takes place ten years after, in 2012, the European Commission established the "blue growth plan" to promote economic activity related to the oceans and seas.

The plan pays special attention to five sectors of the blue economy that have significant potential for job creation and innovation: coastal tourism, aquaculture, blue energy, blue biotechnology and deep sea mining.

These sectors are fully in tune with Incubazul and make up a large part of Blueway's training, which has transversal training itineraries, How to undertake successfully (182 hours) and Blue Economy (118 hours), and specifically, Aquaculture (200 hours) and Coastal and sustainable tourism (200 hours).

In short, Blueway will allow you to: enhance your knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and blue economy; participate in an ecosystem in which ideas, talent and seeds of what can later be accelerated companies are promoted in the Incubazul high-tech incubator and, finally, join the initiative's Blue Talent.

This High Technology Incubator project for the promotion and encouragement of innovation and technology transfer to micro-SMEs in the Blue Economy sector In Andalucia “[BlueEcoIncuba x Logistical]Tech = ZONA BASE – INCUBAZULthrough the INCYDE Foundation, It is financed 80% by the European Regional Development Fund within the Pluriregional Operational Program from Spain FEATHER 2014-2020 AFTER. “A way of making Europe” within axis 3: Improving the Competitiveness of SMEs, Thematic Objective 3 Improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, and investment priority 3ª Fostering entrepreneurship, in particular, facilitating the economic exploitation of new ideas, and promoting the creation of new companies, also through incubators.